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Data Center

We provide a series of MPO/MTP products as a perfect solution for data center high-density cabling. In addition, with our built-in CWDM or LAN-WDM Z-Blocks, high-speed optical modules can realize the transmission of 4 or even 8 lanes of signals on a single fiber.

5G Bearer Network

We provide special 5G OMUX solution for operators to accelerate the construction of 5G optical network worldwide. This solution includes a series of passive OMUX modules to support multiple LAN-WDM, MWDM, CWDM and DWDM wavelengths.

Telecom Network

With xWDM products, telecom operators can greatly save optical fiber resource in optical transmission networks. We provide ultra-low insertion loss passive CWDM/DWDM modules based on TFF (1-18CH) or AAWG (32-96CH). Packages can be customized according to actual needs.

Access Network

For access network, PON based on WDM is the most common. We have specially designed multi-PON co-existing WDM modules for WDM/WDM-PON networks, which can realize the transmission of 4 signals of GPON, XG-PON1, NG-PON2 and video on a single fiber.

Company Profile

We are committed to providing high reliability industrial-grade passive optics for next-generation optical network.

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Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Mission — To consistently provide operators and equipment manufacturers with cost-effective products and solutions taking advantages of the optical communication technologies.

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GROWSFIBER Will Exhibit at CIOE 2020 with a Series of Passive Optics


Shenzhen, China, August 22, 2020 − GROWSFIBER, a global leading supplier of high-quality passive optics, will showcase its product portfolios, including passive WDM optics, fiber optic switches, high-density fiber optic connectivity and micro-optical devices, at the 22nd China International Optoelectronics Expo (CIOE 2020) in Shenzhen, China, along with its parent…


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