Company Profile

GROWSFIBER is committed to the design, development, packaging and manufacturing of optical passive wavelength division devices and mechanical optical switches based on free space optical technology platforms and high-density optical connectors based on micro-assembly technology platforms. The company’s main products are divided into five major series: wavelength division multiplexing series, optical switch series, high-density optical connection series, optical splitter series and micro-optical device series.

  • Passive WDM Optics: 5G OMUX, xWDM/WDM-PON, AAWG DWDM and Optical Interleavers.
  • Fiber Optic Switches: 1×2/2×2/2x2B/1×4/1×8 Mechanical Optical Switches, 4*4 Matrix Optical Switch and Optical Bypass Protection Switch.
  • High-density Optical Connectivity: MPO High-density Cablings, high-density Fiber Arrays and Silicon-based Coupling Optical Connectors.
  • Fiber Optic Splitters: PLC Splitters and FBT Couplers.
  • Micro-Optical Devices: VOA, TAP PD, Mini-EDFA Optics and Z-Block Optics.

GROWSFIBER has been deeply cultivated in the field of passive optical devices for many years. It has the design, coupling and packaging capabilities of high-density optics and free-space optics, as well as precision mechanical design capabilities, as well as passive automated product packaging and automated test research and development capabilities. GROWSFIBER has a complete reliability laboratory, and all products have passed reliability tests and meet industrial temperature requirements.

The purpose of GROWSFIBER is to serve value customers in the global communications and Internet fields, and the goal is to become the most cost-effective company in the field of optical passive components and high-density optical connectors.

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