Company Profile

Who We Are

SHENZHEN GROWSFIBER COMMUNICATION EQUIPMENT CO., LTD (GROWSFIBER) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of SHENZHEN GIGALIGHT TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD(GIGALIGHT). We specialize in the research and production of passive optical components and fiber optic cables, catering to FTTX networks, 4G/5G mobile operators, and data centers. Our diverse product range includes CWDM/DWDM MUX/DEMUX, CCWDM/CDWDM, AAWG, MPO/MTP cable assemblies, fiber arrays, optical splitters, quick connectors, and fiber optic cables.

Products & Solutions

  • Passive WDM Systems (based on free space optics and micro-assembly technology platforms): MUX DEMUX (5G OMUX, xWDM/WDM-PON, C-band/O-band AAWG, etc.), and CWDM/DWDM OADM etc.
  • Transmission Subsystems: EDFA, SOA, OBPS and DCM.
  • FTTx ODN: PLC splitters, FBT couplers, patch cables, pigtails, fast connectors, adapters and FTTH cables.
  • High-Density Cabling: data center MPO/MTP cable assemblies & management & testing tools and fiber arrays.
  • Micro Optics: Mini mechanical optical switches, Mini mechanical/MEMS VOA, Mini Tap PD, Mini optical isolator, Mini IWDM and Mini circulator.

Why Us

GROWSFIBER has immersed itself in the field of passive optics for numerous years, showcasing design, coupling, and packaging capabilities in high-density optics and free-space optics. Additionally, we excel in precision mechanical design and possess R&D expertise in the passive automated product packaging and automated testing domains. GROWSFIBER boasts a comprehensive reliability laboratory, ensuring that all products undergo rigorous reliability tests and meet industrial temperature requirements. We are committed to delivering top-quality optical communication solutions to our valued customers.

Create a Better Future with Us

The purpose of GROWSFIBER is to serve global communication operators, equipment vendors and value customers in the Internet field. The goal is to become the most cost-effective company in the field of optical passive components and high-density optical connections.