GROWSFIBER Launches Mini EDFA Components for Coherent Optical Modules


Shenzhen, China, December 14, 2020 − GROWSFIBER, a global leading supplier of high-quality passive optics and WDM subsystems, today announced the launch of Mini EDFA components for 100G/200G CFP2-DCO modules. Digital coherent optical modules with built-in EDFA help cloud and telecom operators to reduce operating costs and investment costs, extend transmission distances, and accelerate the deployment of high-speed systems.

CFP2-DCO coherent transceiver structure diagram

Traditional EDFA is large in size, high in power consumption, and high in cost. It has been unable to meet various miniaturization, low power consumption, and low-cost application scenarios. In the fields of data center and coherent transmission, it is necessary to introduce EDFA products that meet application requirements. The miniaturization of EDFA mainly relies on highly integrated passive device products. GROWSFIBER has launched a series of Mini and highly integrated micro optics that meet carrier-class reliability standards relying on ten years of passive device R&D and packaging process platforms, including Mini Isolator, Mini IWDM, Mini Tap-PD, Mini MEMS VOA, TIWDM (Tap+ISO+WDM three-in-one device), etc. The optical performance of miniaturized devices meets important technical indicators such as low insertion loss and low dispersion. GROWSFIBER truly realizes a one-stop service from passive components to EDFA modules. The built-in EDFA solution has been the first to be applied in GIGALIGHT's 200G CFP2-DCO transceiver and has passed relevant performance tests.

GROWSFIBER can meet various customers' customized design services for passive components and EDFA modules, and help customers achieve the advantages of low-cost, long-distance, and rapid deployment in 5G, coherent transmission, data center and other fields. For more information, please contact