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GROWSFIBER's XG-PON ONU is a smart home gateway that can set the network routing function through the configuration interface to realize the home gateway function. In addition to providing users with Internet access, the device also provides voice VoIP and video live or on-demand services, which truly realizes multi-network integration; supports gigabit wired access, Wi-Fi 4 (802.11n) and Wi-Fi 5 ( 802.11ac) high-speed wireless access, which can simultaneously access multiple high-bandwidth devices to meet various FTTx application scenarios, such as home users, business offices, government and enterprise customers, and video surveillance.
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  • Unified platform architecture design, flexible deployment, common upper application platform, existing network compatible with multi-manufacturer and multi-type OLT, convenient for use in various environments
  • Supports the basic functional requirements and plug-in operating environment requirements of operators
  • Two high-speed spatial streams 802.11ac access to provide users with high-speed Internet experience
  • Four 10/100/1000M Base-T network interfaces at the same time, which is suitable for full service access and the different requirements of various equipment for interfaces
  • Home user
  • Business office
  • Government and enterprise customers
  • Video surveillance
Parameters XG-PON ONU
Chip scheme CPU EN7580GAT
Wi-Fi 2.4G Wi-Fi MT7592N+5G Wi-Fi MT7612EN
VoIP LE9643
BOSA drive Semetch GN28L95
DDR3 512MByte
flash 256MByte
Product form User interface EPON/GPON+4GE+1USB+1POTS+Wi-Fi 2.4G/5G
User side interface LAN (GE) 4*10/100/1000M Base-T
PON ONU logo authentication SN/Password identification and authentication
FEC stand by
DBA Report T-CONT queue status; accept OLT bandwidth allocation; support 5 T-CONT bandwidth types
GPON characteristic parameters T-CONT: 8 / GEM PORT: 32
Optical link detection Optical module operating temperature, power supply voltage, bias electro-hydraulic, transmit and receive optical power, etc.
Ethernet MAC address capacity 8K
VLAN 802.1q VLAN 4K (1~4094 VLAN ID can be configured)
VLAN function Port-based VLAN division, VLAN tagging, untagged, transparent transmission, filtering, VLAN Trunk, 1:1 VLAN conversion, Cos Remark
QoS Flow classification In-depth detection of packets: upstream classification based on physical port, source and destination MAC address, VLAN ID, User Priority, Ethernet type, source and destination IP address, IP protocol type, IP DSCP, source and destination L4 protocol ports
Flow mark Optimized level marking of uplink services based on flow classification, and mandatory modification of priority marking
Dispatch queue 4Network side/4User side queue number
Scheduling Algorithm SP/WRR/SP+WRR
Drop algorithm Tail-Drop
Multicast Multicast protocol IGMP Snooping
Multicast capacity 1K
Safety PON data encryption AES-128
MAC limit 1~256/port
network management Network management method OMCI, OMCI+TR069, HTTP, Telnet
Manage content Configuration management/fault management/performance management/safety management
PON interface Connector form SC/APC, SC/UPC
PON interface parameters 1
PON interface standard CLASS B+
PON wavelength Transmit 1270nm/receive 1577nm
Optical interface receiving rate 10Gbit
Optical interface transmission rate 2.488Gbit
Output optical power Minimum +2dBm; maximum +7dBm
Receiver sensitivity Better than -28.5dBm (Note: TX on, ER-6dB, BER=10 -3
Saturated optical power Minimum -8dBm
power supply enter AC 100 – 240V 50/60Hz
Output DC 12V 1.5A
Equipment Specifications size 229mmx110mmx48mm (L×W×H)
Product silk screen Upper cover 5 LEDs respectively for power supply, optical fiber, broadband, wireless, storage, telephone
Lower cover interface Telephone, Gigabit port 4, Gigabit port 3, iTV, Gigabit port 1, reset, USB, DC 12V, optical fiber E_10G/optical fiber G_10G

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