GROWSFIBER Launches Semi-active WDM Portfolio for 5G Fronthaul


Shenzhen, China, November 20, 2020 − GROWSFIBER, a global leading supplier of high-quality passive optics and WDM subsystems, announced to launch a semi-active WDM portfolio with the name of "3-in-1" for 5G fronthaul, which can provide three functions of wavelength multiplexing/demultiplexing, optical path switching and optical power monitoring. The business needs for the manageability and operation and maintenance of 5G fronthaul optical networks.

Aiming at the application scenarios of mobile base-station fronthaul and other access projects due to insufficient local fiber resources, network monitoring and fronthaul service protection, the "3-in-1" semi-active WDM portfolio is characterized by active WDM on the DU side and passive WDM on the AAU side. Through the intervention of active equipment to realize the management and protection of the fronthaul bearer network, it can support 1:1 protection of the optical layer, while taking into account the simple and low-cost characteristics of remote passives, improving network reliability and OAM management performance.

GROWSFIBER "3-in-1" semi-active WDM portfolio includes the following customizable products.

  • 6- or 12-wavelength Compact 5G OMUX
  • 1×2 Mini mechanical optical switch
  • Mini Tap PD and Mini PD
  • 3 skip 0, T1271~1311, R1331~1611 three-port devices
  • 1×2 Mini FBT coupler, 2:98, 1260~1620nm

The above products are all used in compact Mini package to save integration space, using carrier-class reliability standards and mature automated packaging technology. With the advantages of low insertion loss, high isolation, low crosstalk and high cost performance, all products can accept customer customization requirements.

GROWSFIBER has a complete lineup of 5G passive optics product lines. The products have passed reliability tests and meet industrial-grade temperature requirements, which can meet the different needs of customers. You can contact GROWSFIBER: for purchase.


GROWSFIBER is committed to the design, development, packaging and manufacturing of optical passive wavelength division devices and mechanical optical switches based on free space optical technology platforms and high-density optical connectors based on micro-assembly technology platforms. The company’s main products are divided into five major series: wavelength division multiplexing series, optical switch series, high-density optical connection series, optical splitter series and micro-optical device series.