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Rack Mount DWDM Mux DeMux
The GrowsFiber Rack Mount DWDM Mux DeMux is designed for multi-wavelength DWDM network applications. It is based on TFF technology and operates at 100GHz or 200GHz channel spacing ITU Grid DWDM wavelengths from CH15 to CH64. The Mux Type, Port Configuration (2-16CH Ports, 1310nm Port, Upgrade Port, Monitoring Port), Channel Spacing, and Adapter Type can be customized.
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  • Low insertion loss
  • High isolation
  • Low polarization dependent loss
  • Compact design
  • Good channel-to-channel uniformity
  • Wide operating wavelength range
  • High reliability and high stability
  • Telcordia GR-1209-CORE-2001 compliant
  • Telcordia GR-1221-CORE-1999 compliant
  • ITU-T G.694.1compliant
  • RoHS compliant
  • Data Center Interconnect Network
  • Metro Optical Transport Network
  • Telecommunications Network
  • Long-Haul Optical Backbone Network
Parameters Channel Options
Port Configuration 2CH 4CH 8CH 16CH
Center Wavelength (nm) ITU Grid
Operating Wavelength (nm) 1520 to 1620
Channel Space (nm) 0.8 or 1.6
Passband @0.5dB (nm) 0.22
Channels IL (dB) < 1.5 < 1.8 < 2.6 < 4.2
Link IL (Mux+Demux) (dB) < 2.7 < 3.0 < 3.8 < 5.4
Adjacent Channels Isolation (dB) > 30
Non-Adjacent Isolation (dB) > 45
Directivity (dB) > 50
Return Loss (dB) > 45
Ripple (dB) < 0.5
PDL (dB) < 0.2
PMD (ps) < 0.1
Maximum Optical Power (mw) 300
Operating Temperature (℃) -5 to +75
Storage Temperature (℃) -40 to +85
Package (mm) (L×W×H) 483×245×44

Note: An additional 0.3dB loss ought to be added per adapter.

Ordering Information

Part Number Description
GFDWR2 Rack Mount DWDM, 2CH
GFDWR4 Rack Mount DWDM, 4CH
GFDWR8 Rack Mount DWDM, 8CH
GFDWR16 Rack Mount DWDM, 16CH

Note: If there is a demand for orders that are different from those described above, please contact GrowsFiber. Customized options are shown as following:

Mux Type Mux, DeMux, Mux & DeMux
Channel Spacing 100GHz, 200GHz
DWDM Channel Ports CH15 to CH64
Additional Ports None, 1310nm Port, Upgrade Port, Monitoring Port
Rack Mount DWDM Mux DeMux Datasheet
Update time:2020-01-17

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